2019-10-23 Martin LambersAdd camsim-pmd-hcibox example master
2019-08-26 Martin LambersRemove obsolete FindGTA.cmake
2019-04-18 Martin LambersEnable mipmaps for imported textures.
2019-04-17 Martin LambersUse CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD instead of setting compiler...
2019-03-20 Martin LambersFix CSV export of floating point data
2019-02-19 Martin LambersFix formatting
2018-12-19 Martin LambersAdd comment about qt5-image-format-plugins
2018-12-18 Martin LambersMove random number generation to the GPU
2018-12-17 Martin LambersFix import of aiTextureMapMode. This fixes the Sponza...
2018-12-14 Martin LambersApplications: use CamSim::Context for simplicity
2018-12-14 Martin LambersAdd CamSim::Context class to provide a suitable OpenGL...
2018-12-14 Martin LambersInitialize variable to silence valgrind warning.
2018-11-30 Martin LambersAdd conversion of PMD range to cartesian coordinates...
2018-11-05 Martin LambersImprove PMD example.
2018-10-09 Martin LambersAdd missing <QFile> include.
2018-10-09 Martin LambersFix warnings about unused variables.
2018-09-26 Martin LambersFix handling of phase wrap in ToF simulation, and add...
2018-08-21 Martin LambersTweak
2018-08-21 Martin LambersInitial public release.