descriptionVNC viewer for Equalizer
ownerMartin Lambers <>
last changeWed, 17 Jul 2013 09:13:56 +0000 (11:13 +0200)
2013-07-17 Martin LambersUse the CMake information provided by Equalizer to... master ab2516b5fbcfd74ff932bf170965bdaeb23cdbc6
2013-07-17 Martin LambersSet library directories from pkg-config.
2013-07-17 Martin LambersUse pkg-config to detect Equalizer, to make it work...
2013-07-16 Martin LambersThird try at fixing build with older libvncclient versions.
2013-07-16 Martin LambersSecond try at fixing build with older libvncclient...
2013-07-16 Martin LambersFix building with older libvncclient versions (e.g...
2013-07-15 Martin LambersMerge pull request #1 from eile/master
2013-07-15 Stefan EilemannTravis CI fix
2013-07-15 Stefan EilemannAdd Travis CI config
2013-07-15 Stefan EilemannCMake tweaks
2013-07-15 Martin LambersFix typo.
2013-07-15 Martin LambersAdd compatibility for Equalizer versions older than...
2013-07-14 Martin LambersInitial version.
2013-07-14 Martin LambersInitial commit
5 years ago pull/2/master
5 years ago master