Add export format options: CSV, JSON, PPM
[gencolormap.git] / colormap.hpp
2019-08-20 Martin LambersIncompatible change: fix method PLQualitativeHue()...
2016-02-15 Martin LambersTweak BrewerSequential and BrewerDiverging defaults.
2016-02-12 Martin LambersImprove defaults for PLDivergingLightness map.
2016-02-12 Martin LambersTweak defaults for perceptually linear maps.
2016-02-12 Martin LambersReport the number of colors that had to be clipped.
2016-02-12 Martin LambersReorganize, rename, and complete the set of perceptuall...
2016-02-11 Martin LambersChange black body color map to use linear lightness...
2016-02-11 Martin LambersAdd perceptually uniform rainbow color maps.
2016-02-11 Martin LambersImprove IsoluminantQualitative
2016-02-11 Martin LambersAdd physically plausible Black Body color maps.
2016-02-11 Martin LambersAdjust defaults for isoluminant sequential/divergent.
2016-02-08 Martin LambersAdd isoluminant color maps.
2016-02-08 Martin LambersTweak MorelandDiverging defaults.
2016-02-08 Martin LambersTweak BrewerQualitative default brightness.
2016-02-08 Martin LambersImplement McNames color maps, but discourage their...
2016-02-08 Martin LambersImplement Moreland diverging color maps.
2016-02-02 Martin LambersFix default hue for CubeHelix.
2016-02-02 Martin LambersImplement CubeHelix color maps, and reorganize command...
2015-10-14 Martin LambersInitial version.