Add perceptually uniform rainbow color maps.
[gencolormap.git] / gui.cpp
2016-02-11 Martin LambersAdd perceptually uniform rainbow color maps.
2016-02-11 Martin LambersAdd physically plausible Black Body color maps.
2016-02-09 Martin LambersFix CSV-to-clipboard.
2016-02-08 Martin LambersAdd isoluminant color maps.
2016-02-08 Martin LambersImplement McNames color maps, but discourage their...
2016-02-08 Martin LambersBump version to 0.3
2016-02-08 Martin LambersReorganize widgets into categories.
2016-02-08 Martin LambersFix CSV file export.
2016-02-08 Martin LambersImplement Moreland diverging color maps.
2016-02-04 Martin LambersReorganize to make the widgets reusable.
2016-02-02 Martin LambersFix display direction of color maps.
2016-02-02 Martin LambersAdd paper reference to each widget.
2016-02-02 Martin LambersImplement CubeHelix color maps, and reorganize command...
2015-10-14 Martin LambersInitial version.