descriptionColor map generator for scientific visualization
ownerMartin Lambers <>
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These tools generate color maps for visualization. A variety of methods for sequential, diverging, and qualitative maps is available.

The color map generation is contained in just two C++ files (colormap.hpp and colormap.cpp) and requires no additional libraries.

Two frontends are included: a GUI for interactive use and a command line tool for scripting.

The following papers are implemented:

GUI screen shot

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2016-02-15 Martin LambersAdd a test widget based on the test pattern by P. Kovesi.
2016-02-15 Martin LambersImprove ColorMapWidget interface.
2016-02-15 Martin LambersTweak BrewerSequential and BrewerDiverging defaults.
2016-02-12 Martin LambersImprove defaults for PLDivergingLightness map.
2016-02-12 Martin LambersImprove float-to-uchar conversion.
2016-02-12 Martin LambersUpdate screenshot.
2016-02-12 Martin LambersImprove description of perceptually linear maps.
2016-02-12 Martin LambersImprove GUI layout.
2016-02-12 Martin LambersImprove GUI layout.
2016-02-12 Martin LambersTweak defaults for perceptually linear maps.
2016-02-12 Martin LambersFix colormap label layout.
2016-02-12 Martin LambersReport clipping only when it actually affects 8 bit...
2016-02-12 Martin LambersReport the number of colors that had to be clipped.
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