descriptionLibrary and tools for a powerful array-based file format
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Generic Tagged Arrays (GTA)

The GTA project provides a file format called Generic Tagged Arrays and consists of two parts:

See the project web page.

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2018-11-30 Martin Lambersgtatool: bump version to 2.2.2 gtatool-2.2.2
2018-11-30 Martin Lambersgta component-convert: clamp during float -> (u)int...
2018-11-27 Martin Lambersgta component-compute: fix associativeness of '%' operator
2018-11-26 Martin Lambersgta component-compute: add functionality from mucalc
2018-11-26 Martin LambersSync from Bino, to fix building with latest FFmpeg.
2018-06-15 Martin Lambersgtatool: bump version to 2.2.1 gtatool-2.2.1
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2018-02-23 Martin Lambersgta from-exr: set meaningful component order and names...
2017-10-27 Martin Lambersgta component-convert: clamp normalized values during...
2017-10-23 Martin Lambersgta from-pmd: also export the phase images (a and b...
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2017-10-20 Martin Lambersgta from-pmd: reintroduce ability to read raw source...
2 months ago gtatool-2.2.2 gtatool-2.2.2
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