descriptionLibrary and tools for a powerful array-based file format
ownerMartin Lambers <>
last changeMon, 2 Sep 2019 10:57:01 +0000 (12:57 +0200)

Generic Tagged Arrays (GTA)

The GTA project provides a file format called Generic Tagged Arrays and consists of two parts:

See the project web page.

2019-09-02 Martin LambersFix build when compression library headers are not... master libgta-1.2.1
2019-08-26 Martin Lamberslibgta: when building with CMake, define WITH_COMPRESSION=0 gtatool-2.4.0 libgta-1.2.0
2019-08-26 Martin Lamberslibgta: rename libgtaConfig.cmake to GTAConfig.cmake...
2019-08-26 Martin Lambersgtatool: deprecate compression for the new version...
2019-08-26 Martin Lambersgta from-exr: allow import of EXR files with more than...
2019-08-26 Martin LambersSpecification: compression is now deprecated.
2019-08-26 Martin Lamberslibgta: deprecate compression for new version 1.2.0.
2019-06-29 Martin Lambersgtatool: check for libpcl 1.8/1.9/1.10 instead of 1...
2019-04-05 Martin Lambersgtatool: bump version to 2.2.3 gtatool-2.2.3
2019-03-17 Tim LandscheidtFix out-of-range array access in gta component-split.
2019-03-17 Tim LandscheidtFix test for locales that cannot parse...
2019-03-17 Tim LandscheidtUse instead of &(X[0]) where appropriate
2019-02-19 Martin LambersFix formatting
2019-02-19 Martin LambersFix broken link
2018-11-30 Martin Lambersgtatool: bump version to 2.2.2 gtatool-2.2.2
2018-11-30 Martin Lambersgta component-convert: clamp during float -> (u)int...
3 months ago libgta-1.2.1 libgta-1.2.1
3 months ago gtatool-2.4.0 gtatool-2.4.0
3 months ago libgta-1.2.0 libgta-1.2.0
8 months ago gtatool-2.2.3 gtatool-2.2.3
12 months ago gtatool-2.2.2 gtatool-2.2.2
17 months ago gtatool-2.2.1 gtatool-2.2.1
17 months ago libgta-1.0.9 libgta-1.0.9
3 years ago libgta-1.0.8 libgta-1.0.8
3 years ago gtatool-2.2.0 gtatool-2.2.0
4 years ago gtatool-2.1.0 gtatool-2.1.0
4 years ago libgta-1.0.7 libgta-1.0.7
4 years ago libgta-1.0.6 libgta-1.0.6
5 years ago gtatool-2.0.1 gtatool-2.0.1
5 years ago gtatool-2.0.0 gtatool-2.0.0
5 years ago libgta-1.0.5 libgta-1.0.5
6 years ago gtatool-1.5.2 gtatool-1.5.2
3 months ago master