descriptionPOP3 client (receive mail)
last changeThu, 14 Feb 2019 15:30:35 +0000 (16:30 +0100)
This is mpop, a POP3 client. See
5 days ago Martin LambersMake tls_crl_file work also when tls_trust_file is... master
8 days ago Martin LambersBump version to 1.4.3 mpop-1.4.3
8 days ago Martin LambersImprove output for certificate verification failure.
8 days ago Martin LambersFix GnuTLS certificate verification for special tls_tru...
8 days ago Martin LambersImplement special tls_trust_file 'system' for OpenSSL.
2019-01-15 Martin LambersFix minor problem in error message about account that...
2019-01-12 Martin LambersBump version to 1.4.2 mpop-1.4.2
2019-01-12 Martin LambersUpdate translations from translation project
2019-01-12 Martin LambersSilence compiler warning.
2019-01-11 Martin LambersMove password_get() to its own module to share it with...
2019-01-11 Martin LambersMove exit code helper function to modules shared with...
2019-01-11 Martin LambersMove tls_print_info() to tls.c (shared with msmtp)
2019-01-11 Martin LambersMove print_fingerprint() to tools.c (shared with msmtp)
2019-01-11 Martin LambersWhitespace changes
2019-01-11 Martin LambersMove sanitize_string() to tools.c (shared with msmtp)
2019-01-11 Martin LambersRemove unused variable.
8 days ago mpop-1.4.3 mpop-1.4.3
5 weeks ago mpop-1.4.2 mpop-1.4.2
2 months ago mpop-1.4.1 mpop-1.4.1
5 months ago mpop-1.4.0 mpop-1.4.0
6 months ago mpop-1.4.0rc1 mpop-1.4.0rc1
7 months ago mpop-1.2.8 mpop-1.2.8
8 months ago mpop-1.2.7 mpop-1.2.7
2 years ago mpop-1.2.6 mpop-1.2.6
2 years ago mpop-1.2.5 mpop-1.2.5
3 years ago mpop-1.2.4 mpop-1.2.4
3 years ago mpop-1.2.3 mpop-1.2.3
4 years ago mpop-1.2.2 mpop-1.2.2
4 years ago mpop-1.2.1 mpop-1.2.1
4 years ago mpop-1.2.0 mpop-1.2.0
4 years ago mpop-1.2.0rc3 mpop-1.2.0rc3
4 years ago mpop-1.2.0rc1 mpop-1.2.0rc1
5 days ago master