2015-02-02 Martin LambersBump version to 1.3. v1.3
2015-02-02 Martin LambersAdjust precision of printed results.
2015-01-21 Martin LambersImprove readline usage: activate blink-matching-parenth... v1.2
2015-01-21 Martin LambersCheck for out-of-memory condition with old C strdup().
2015-01-20 Martin LambersFinish tab-completed constant and variable names with... v1.1
2015-01-20 Martin LambersFix list of word break characters for tab completion.
2015-01-20 Martin LambersBump version to 1.1
2015-01-20 Martin LambersImprove comments and description.
2015-01-20 Martin LambersFix readline memory leak
2015-01-20 Martin LambersAdd another example to README
2015-01-20 Martin LambersAdd tab completion for variables
2015-01-19 Martin LambersImprove README v1.0
2015-01-19 Martin LambersFirst version.
2015-01-19 Martin LambersInitial commit